Become The Beast Capsule

NBM has been dormant for a little while, I was working behind the scenes, testing garments, qualities/designs, so I can make the best gear possible. I love this collection because it’s my day to day goto. A towel to remind you to work harder, a cooling performance tank, our classic “x” cap & the face covering that you have the option to insert a filter. All of these have the new and improved “x”. I came up with this concept of the “x” in 2013. There have been many copies, but what’s a copy with no fucking meaning behind it? It’s nothing. The original X is here. It’s back and back for good. This brand is a lifestyle, I pay respects to all those who live this “life”, have inked “NBM” or the infamous “X” in their skin and those who aim to “be a beast” in all that they do. Everything. This collection excites me! Not only do I know the work that went into it, but I’m personally packing each and every order. No beast Mode, just be a beast. ❌

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